Avix Autonomic Gen2


Silent & Effective

Industrial sites, factories and open stadiums attract birds searching for food and a safe haven for roosting. Birds can cause damage on many fronts including nesting, scavenging for food and compromise safety through the transmittal of diseases.

Birds also leave droppings that cause damage to products and equipment and cause a work place risk to employees.
Preventing ongoing clean-up costs and repairs of damage, is achievable through effective bird control. Bird Beam can help with solutions for protecting your work site and keeping your factory clean and free of birds in a silent, humane and cost effective manner.

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Lightweight, Handheld Laser

Handheld lasers provide a highly effective tool for direct intervention. Birds regard the laser beam as a physical threat, causing them to flee. In ideal weather conditions the lasers have a range up to 2500 meters.

The handheld units require strict firearms permits in all states of Australia, showing just cause with permissions from governing bodies.