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Vineyards  &  Orchards  

Crows, Cockatoos, Sparrows, Starlings, Galahs and Rosella's. Future planning is key for deterring birds, using the AVIX Autonomic,  a fully autonomous programmable laser system you can get well in front of the coming season by installing before your crop is vulnerable.

Grapes, berries, cherry, peaches, apricots, large tree orchards; almond, macadamia, hazelnuts and walnuts, all have on going bird issues. 

Using way points of your blocks,  16 programs slots , extensive time slots and intervals to ensure excellent coverage 24/7 over your vineyard or orchard. It humanely deters problem birds from causing expensive damage to your crops by way of delivering a non harmful beam of light which the birds perceive as a solid physical threat and therefore move on to safer areas.  Labor free and using one touch programming , year after year will remember your programmed patterns with user friendly software, powered from mains electricity or solar panels.

 The AVIX Autonomic will provide your crops with effective, autonomous bird control for the duration of your growing seasons or as required year after year. 


We have extensive experience in vineyards and share your pain points of netting and labor costs, maintenance and spray program issues with netted fruit. Installing in Tasmania and Australia wide, suitable for both large and small scale operations, an essential part of your bird control equipment.

Field Crops

Unlike current recognised techniques to dispel birds, habituation does not occur when our laser technology is applied with repetition. Birds will consider the area as unsafe, causing them to move on and avoid the area. Our automated laser systems claim a territory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you require.


Whether you grow  cereals such as wheat, barley, oats and triticale; oilseeds such as canola, mustard and safflower and pulses such as lupins, chickpeas, fababeans and fieldpeas. Fodder crops of forage sorghum, pennisetum, millet, lablab, cowpeas, soybeans, grain sorghum and maize, rice, poppies, sunflowers or any other summer or winter crop, there may be years where birds wiped you out or damaged your profit margins greatly.

Let's face it, your crop is too large to net efficiently, shotguns are expensive and driving around with an ag bike is a waste of energy.   AVIX Autonomic units have a generous  21ha coverage*, don't have to reach every square inch of your property to reduce bird numbers. 

Investing your energy towards reducing bird pressure year after year by applying observations and seasonal controls with strategic management of bird pressure using proven autonomous tech is the smart way forward.



  • The Summerhill Road vineyard, located within the Canberra Wine District of Australia, grows grapes for the purpose of producing premium quality, cool-climate wines. Birds, such as Starlings, Cockatoos, Currawong, Crows, Rosellas and Wattlebirds, damage the grapes. Without any bird control, this can lead to a signi cant reduction of crops (1-2 tonne per week) and increased risk of disease (reducing the quality of the fruit). Historically, birds have been controlled via netting. The vineyard was 100% netted (from prior to the fruit ripening till the day of picking), resulting in approximately $4,000 in annual labour costs. Situation after Since the nets were 15 years old and needed to be replaced, alternatives were evaluated. Decisive advantages of the Agrilaser Autonomic are its silent functioning (in contrast to gas cannons) and relative low price (compared to netting). Installation of the Agrilaser Autonomic resulted in 80-90% bird reduction. Furthermore, grape-eating birds stopped coming to the vineyard altogether, whereas non grape-eating birds, water birds (Ducks) and other wildlife quickly returned after the grapes had been harvested and the laser turned off. This resulted in an increased grape yield and the possibility to harvest later than normal, to create a dessert wine. There is an expectation of future nancial gain since bird netting is very costly, both in materials and labour costs. The Agrilaser Autonomic on the other hand, works fully autonomously without the required labour to install and remove the nets annually.

Summer Hill Road Vineyard

Justin Meduri, Farm Operations Manager of Meduri Farms, Jefferson, Oregon has a 68,1 hectares blueberry farm and that suffered from bird problem. Since adopting lasers as bird deterrent solution, Meduri Farms saves annually around USD 100,000. He used to repel the birds from the blueberry farm with falcons, and has spent as much as USD 1,000 a day 7 days a week for of 3 months on it. He found out that the birds became accustomed to the falcons quite quickly, and determined that using falcons as a bird deterrent wasn’t the right solution for his farm. The annual cost of bird damage at Meduri Farms was quantified at approximately 25% of the overall potential crop volume, or approximately USD 100,000.

Meduri Farms


Company: Summerhill Road Vineyard

Location: Bungendore, Australia Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Reason: Grape damage due to birds

In use since: March 2016 Current laser projection area: 1.9 Ha


•    80    to    90%    less    birds 

•    Immediate    effect    after    installation

•    Permanent    solution

•    Works    fully    autonomic    and    autonomous

•    Allows    more    flexible    grape    harvests

Summer Hill Road Vineyards

Situation before Autonomic use:

-  Meduri Farms used falconry which cost 1,000 USD per day (approximately 90,000 USD per season of 3 months).

-  The yearly loss to bird damage was equal to 100,000 USD.

-  The actual revenue after bird damage was 300,000 USD per year.

-  Number of birds perching in the trees before Autonomic use, was equal to 1,500.

-  Yearly production of the farm before Autonomic use was equal to 787,500 kg. 

Situation after Autonomic use:

-  Yearly loss due to bird damage has been reduced by 99.73 % to approximately 267 USD.

-  Actual yearly revenue after bird damage increases by 33 % to 399,733 USD, which means Meduri Farms saves up to 99,733 USD each year.

-  After the deployment of Autonomics, the number of birds at the farm decreases to just 4 birds.

-  Yearly production of the farm after Autonomic use is equal to 1,050,000 kg.

Meduri Farms

Company: Farmer NIVU Location: Achthuizen and Oude-Tonge, Netherlands

Product: Agrilaser Autonomic Problem: Nuisance from geese

In use since: August 2015


•    100% less geese

•    Tens of thousands of Euros reduction in damages

•    Quick and long-term dispersal effect

•    No    more    headaches    about    birds

•        No    more    obstructing    flags    and    objects    on    the    fields

•    Higher and earlier yield



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