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Field Crops

AVIX laser bird control is the result of years of research and development. By using the latest technology, AVIX is a system that is not only effective, but also safe for birds and your crops.

AVIX has an extensive range of coverage that can protect crops up to 6-8 hectares*.
We know that bird damage can be costly, which is why we offer a solution that is affordable, efficient, and long-lasting. Let us help you protect your crops and reduce your losses due to bird damage.

Investing towards reducing bird pressure year after year by applying observations, seasonal controls with strategic management of bird pressure using proven autonomous tech is the smart way forward.

*Depending on line of sight and bird pressure

laser beam at dustk1.JPG
AVIX Autonomic protecting blueberries

Nut Farms, Vineyards & Orchards  

AVIX Autonomic provides effective, autonomous bird control for the duration of your growing season as required
AVIX Autonomic bird deterrent is effective in orchards and vineyards across Australia. Installing before the crop is vulnerable means your asset is less at risk of bird damage in the coming season. Future planning is key for deterring birds.

With coverage 24/7, AVIX humanely deters birds from causing extensive damage to crop by way of delivering a non-harmful beam of light which the birds perceive as a solid physical threat learning to forage 'safer' areas.  Year after year labor free, using one touch programming, AVIX stores programmed patterns, with extensive user integration via user friendly app software, AVIX is powered from mains electricity or solar kit.

Bird Beam have extensive experience in orchards and vineyards understanding the pain points of netting and yearly labor costs, maintenance and spray program issues through nets. Installing Tasmania and Australia wide, suitable for both large and small scale operations, an essential part of your bird control equipment. 

Bird Beam recommends a total management plan for bird control, using other tools to integrate with the laser deterrent. This should be determined on bird pressure on site, and seasonal experience. Growers are the first to say there is 'no magic bullet for birds' however we believe that a holistic pest management plan has a greater impact. 


Levantine Hill Estate, Yarra Valley
Bellbrook Vineyard Tasmania

 Canola seed crop, Tasmania

Grain Barge & Processing Facility
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