BIRD BEAM Laser Bird Control Systems

Deter birds in a silent, humane, sustainable and proven method   
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Humane bird deterrent

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Proven to deter birds and reduce numbers by 70%-99%, minimizing damage to property and crops, preventing hazards, reducing maintenance and damage to rooftops.

In a world with increasing demands for food, energy and mobility, sustainable, effective and long-lasting bird control is crucial. The AVIX Autonomic disrupts birds to humanely deter from perching, foraging, and damaging assets.
Using a laser to scare birds means; no nets, no labor, cost effective, proven, silent, humane and sustainable, a world-class high-performance laser at its best. Agriculture, warehouse & logistics, food production, storage facilities, aquaculture, renewable energy, real estate and more.

Thorough testing and independent research institutes proved the advantages of our technology compared to traditional methods. The World Wildlife Fund has recognized the Bird Control Group products for providing an effective, animal and environmentally friendly alternative for the industry.

3500 units across 109 countries,  the AVIX Autonomic is the recognized world leader in laser bird control equipment, fit-for-purpose, proven, sustainable, labor free and humane.


From initial design to final quality assurance processes, the AVIX system is reliable, humane, silent, environmentally safe and exceptional. We believe in change and innovation, challenging current methods of deterring birds using fully automated cutting edge laser technology  to deter birds from your assets.  Our mission is to partner with our customer from initial talks right through to installation and programming if required. 


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AVIX Autonomic Bird Deterrent



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