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Effective Laser Bird Control

Revolutionary Bird Control Solutions
Protect Your Assets Silently and Humanely with AVIX, Sustainable Bird Deterrent   

  AVIX Autonomic Bird Deterrent

Deter, repel and reduce bird numbers by 70%-99% in a humane manner to meet targets for sustainable environmental policies and deliver site compliance.

In a world with increasing demands for food, energy and mobility, sustainable, effective and long-lasting bird control is crucial.  We believe in change and innovation, a sustainable humane, no-kill approach to challenging current methods of deterring birds.

Thorough testing and independent research institutes proved the advantages of AVIX technology compared to traditional methods. The World Wildlife Fund and Birdlife Australia has recognized the Bird Control Group products for providing an effective, humane and ethical animal and environmentally friendly alternative for the industry, the recognized world leader in laser control equipment for scaring birds.


Meeting Your Needs
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