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3 Bird Removal Tips for Hygiene in Food Production

Updated: Feb 29

Hygiene in food production areas is vital, pests, such as birds, have become a challenge for the food industry as they can harbor over 40 different types of parasites and can be the host for over 60 infectious diseases.

The Food Safe Australia guide for food safety standards, states that pest birds can contaminate food with the diseases they carry. The diseases can also be relayed through their feathers and feces. Therefore, to meet high-quality standards, food businesses are not permitted to have birds in their facility.

Here are three tips/solutions to problems food manufacturers are facing in order to get rid of birds.

1. Research what exactly the bird problem is.

The first step to decrease the bird presence at a facility is to research what the bird problem is. Often the problems can be bird nesting at a facility, pecking at the foods, and roosting around the facility. Once you have identified the bird problem, the search for a bird removal method can begin. This can be a challenge because the traditional methods of bird control, such as gas cannons, bird spikes, bird wires, sound devices, and shotguns, have shown to be a temporary solution. The birds become habituated to these methods, and they soon learn that they can get around them. Labour and clean-up costs are increased with these bird removal methods, as they often need to be installed more than once, have to be turned on and off continuously, and they need to be changed up, so the birds do not get used to the sounds.

A solution that has proven to be effective is the laser bird deterrent device, the AVIX Autonomic Mark II. This is an innovative system that is fully automated to scare birds away 24/7. The laser bird deterrent device takes advantage of the bird's natural instincts. A green laser beam is used as a threat to the birds, as they visualize the green laser beam moving towards them, they fly away immediately. The system ensures no habituation due to the ability to program 16 different laser beam patterns, which can be adjusted easily to cater to the facility.

2. Find a cost-effective and sustainable bird control method.

Most birds are protected species regardless of the damage they cause to a food manufacturing facility. Many bird removal methods are not humane and cause harm to birds. This can interrupt facilities' chances of meeting the food quality standards during inspections as birds will continue to return. It is a massive problem for food manufacturing facilities to find a humane solution to get rid of birds.

The laser bird deterrent system is a cost-effective and sustainable solution. The green laser of the device causes no damage to the birds; it just poses a threat by taking advantage of their natural instincts. The laser does not target or shine on the birds but moves towards the bird to scare them away. The birds perceive the laser as a moving threat and flee the area immediately. The device also has built-in safety features to prevent any potential safety concerns for employees.

birds nesting in bird spikes
Use a range of methods to deter birds effectively

3. Deploy a bird control method before birds start nesting.

One of the biggest mistakes for a food manufacturing facility is to let bird's nest. Once birds have nested, it is almost impossible to get permission to remove the nests. A facility has to wait until the birds have left their nests to migrate, in order to remove the nests and implement a bird control method. This means that birds fly in and out of the facility daily, causing even more issues.

The solution is to implement a prevention strategy on time. This can be done by finding out when the nesting season occurs, being aware of the potential nesting spots and the openings where birds enter the facility. Once the information has been collected, a facility can deploy the laser bird deterrent system before the nesting season. This will prevent birds from finding a nesting spot in the facility and ultimately keep the facility bird-free, in order to meet the high-quality food standards.

Bird Beam is an Australian partner of Bird Control Group let us help to eliminate bird presence at your facility. Get in contact with us to request a quote and start decreasing bird presence with the AVIX Autonomic Mark II.

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