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Understanding How Laser Beams Repel Birds

Updated: Feb 29

Birds see differently to humans, and specifically, they can see UV light. In fact, many birds have feathers that reflect UV light, so their colors are more vivid that what we, mere humans would ever of considered. Insects, moths and butterflies have body coatings that intensely reflect UV light, so it makes it easier for birds to find food.

the difference in what colors humans and birds see
Human Eyes vs Birds Eyes

Look at the simple Starling, how it's feathers reflect UV light, helping birds to find partners with brightly colored plumage. Imagine seeing a flock of thousands creating patterns (murmurations) in the Spring sky and what a moving rainbow dance that would make!

Birds see red, green, blue and UV, whilst humans retina receptors for colour vision see only red, green and blue.

Green lasers are 50 times more brighter than red lasers, even in full sun- 50 times!! When the green laser is present birds see the entire spectrum of the green beam as a permanent object - much like a stick or perceived predator, making this colour the only one to make an impression of danger. Birds are not harmed by this light, but learn to leave the area controlled as their preservation instinct is high and choose to forage elsewhere. The laser is visible during full sun when they are foraging, and perfect for repelling birds without harm. Avix lasers manufactured by the Bird Control Group have been extensively tested and researched, trialed and proven to be the world leaders in bird scaring technology.

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